Bar Z Ranch Story
Jason, Theresa, Garrett & Sawyer Zuk is the family behind Bar Z Beef, and the ranch hands at Bar Z Ranch, situated 10 miles west of Arborg, MB
We are all involved in our ranch
Jason & Theresa have been married almost 21 years. We have two pretty incredible sons - Garrett our oldest, is 19, working on a his heavy diesel mechanic apprenticeship and has achieved his level one this past fall. Sawyer is 17, in grade 11, and goes to school in the morning and recently began his welding apprenticeship, which takes up his afternoon. We all work on our ranch, as we are a pretty tight unit. Whether it be calving cows, working in the hay field, managing meals, baling straw, or watching gates, feeding winter rations, etc we all work together to get the ranch tasks completed.
Garrett Zuk
Theresa Zuk
Jason Zuk
Sawyer Zuk

What is the Bar Z Brand?

We often get asked what does Bar Z...

We often get asked what does Bar Z mean? Pretty legit question if you are not in the ranching world.

It’s our ranch’s brand. A bar with a Z...

It’s our ranch’s brand. A bar with a Z underneath it. Written out, Bar Z. Said out loud, Bar Zed

Yes, we do use our brand. Our females...

Yes, we do use our brand. Our females staying on the ranch will get branded as a yearling on their front right shoulder before heading to grass.

Why? Mostly for identification of our...

Why? Mostly for identification of our animals. Cannot lose a brand, as you would a tag in an ear. And it’s ours, we are registered with the province to use this brand & only us.

And as a ranching tradition. We chose...

And as a ranching tradition. We chose this brand well over a decade ago, as a representation of us & what we do. Z, obviously as our last name is Zuk, & the bar over top as we like the simplicity it gives to our brand.

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Direct Beef Sales from Bar Z Ranch

All cuts dry aged 21 days
Processed in a provincial licensed butcher shop
All our beef is raised on our ranch, from birth to plate
Bar Z Ranch raised beef
Pre-orders appreciated
Limited quantities & subject to availability
  • Bar Z Beef
  • General Beef
  • Bar Z 1/4 lb Beef Pattie
  • Ground Beef
  • Brisket
  • Soup Bones
  • Stewing Beef
  • JZ Rancher’s Pack
  • Sausages & Pepperettes
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