The Bar Z Herd

We love our bovine.

We run a strongly influenced black angus and black simmental herd. We are very particular in our sires selectioned to go with our girls. Dependable, consistent, strong genetics are very important to us and is what is building our herd. And it all takes time. It seems everything with cattle takes time.

Cuteness overload is worth that alone
Calving in the April is hands down one of our favourite times of the year on the ranch. Watching these little ones be born, have their first suckle and then be scampering around – the cuteness overload is worth that alone
Worth the reward
Being a rancher also means that we do have to give a hand to the girls & their babes at times, and it can sometimes be tough & frustrating, but it is what we do to care for our animals. And so worth the reward of watching the full circle our girls create on our ranch.
Weekly pasture checks
Another favourite thing is to jump into the pickup for weekly pasture checks.  We do herd health evaluations on everything, and again, a great reward in this ranch life is watching our momma cows be moms and seeing our calves grow.
Previous knowledge, new experiences
It is a mix of previous knowledge, new experiences, and always trying to have a few laughs along the way. We tell this story on our Bar Z Beef accounts on Facebook and Instagram, and would love it if you followed along.

Come October we round up our herd from their different pastures and bring them back closer to the ranch. We wean the calves in November. We sell some steer calves then, as this is the business part of ranching. We hold back the rest of the steers and heifers, most to sell early in the new year. And some of the heifers will stay to become part of the Bar Z herd.

Winter months are about feeding a silage based ration to our whole herd, with a constant monitoring of herd health.

And before we know it we are back to April, into calving season & our ranch year begins all over again.