• Very lean ground beef - about 90-92% lean, incredible flavour and smell
• Cuts are trimmed on the lean side, with all the flavour in the inside with the marbling giving our beef delicious flavour, texture, & tenderness
• All cuts are dry aged a minimum of 21 days, allowing this aging process the enzymes to break down the proteins & enhances the taste, tenderness & eating quality even further
• Most steaks are packaged in twos - tbones, prime rib, ribeye, striploin, & tenderloin. The others - sirloin & round are packaged singular
• Roasts are around the 3-4lb
• Stewing beef are in about 1lb packages
• Short ribs come in about 2-3lb packages
• Brisket available too, each cut in half
• A sampler pack available - JZ Rancher's Pack - assortment of all of our cuts, in one convenient package (with different packages rolling out in 2021)
• Custom packs - tells us what you would like for your own variety and we will package it up. Probably 90% of our product goes out as such, as long as availability allows it
• 1/4,1/2, whole shares available a few times throughout the year
• Expect a premium ranch raised product.

Limited quantities & subject to availability Pre-orders appreciated.

All cuts dry aged 21 days.

Beef Shares - 1/4, 1/2, wholes are available. Contact us directly for availability, info & pricing.

Please select your options of cuts and we will contact you with your order details and price.

Ground Beef Options
Approx 2lb pkg. Minimum 6 doz.
Beef Pattie Options
Steak Cut Options
Roast Options
Other Cuts
A sampling of cuts in one convenient pack & price. Pack ranges from $265-$285.
4 premium steaks. 6 Bar Z burgers. 1 pkg cheese smokies. OUT OF STOCK
2 roast, 5lbs stewing beef, ground beef. Pack ranges from $165-$185. OUT OF STOCK
4 premium steaks, a dozen burgers, garlic sausage, farmers sausage, 1 pkg of reg smokies & 1 pkg of cheese smokies. OUT OF STOCK
Sausages & Pepperettes