We do offer curb side delivery/meet ups throughout the Interlake.  We arrange it all when we have a fair enough amount of orders together from one area to warrant a delivery day. We are very flexible and work with our customers to ensure prompt delivery.

As well, we have delivery days in Arborg & Riverton weekly. Wednesday late afternoon in Arborg. Thursday mornings in Arborg and Riverton. We will determine location for a certain time frame & customers can meet us there to pick up their orders or we will do curbside drop off. 

We will be offering a monthly delivery day in a determined pick up location in Winnipeg for a certain time frame, starting in soon. A delivery fee of $5 for orders less than $100 will apply - Details TBA.

And we do curb side pickup direct from our ranch as well. We are very accommodating to determine pick up times for those wanting to drive out to pick up their orders.

Limited quantities & subject to availability Pre-orders appreciated.

All cuts dry aged 21 days.

Beef Shares - 1/4, 1/2, wholes are available. Contact us directly for availability, info & pricing.

Please select your options of cuts and we will contact you with your order details and price.

Ground Beef Options
Approx 2lb pkg. Minimum 6 doz.
Beef Pattie Options
Steak Cut Options
Roast Options
Other Cuts
A sampling of cuts in one convenient pack & price. Pack ranges from $265-$285.
4 premium steaks. 6 Bar Z burgers. 1 pkg cheese smokies. OUT OF STOCK
2 roast, 5lbs stewing beef, ground beef. Pack ranges from $165-$185. OUT OF STOCK
4 premium steaks, a dozen burgers, garlic sausage, farmers sausage, 1 pkg of reg smokies & 1 pkg of cheese smokies. OUT OF STOCK
Sausages & Pepperettes