• Garlic Sausage & Farmers Sausage
• Mild Pepperettes & Jalapeno Cheese Pepperettes

Available in vacuum packed packages. The garlic sausage and farmers sausage are available in approximately 1lb pkgs. The mild and jalapeno cheese peps come in 6 sticks/pkg.

They are all an 80% beef, 20% pork product, with spices to make very flavorful sausages & peps. Adding the pork ensures that the sausage does not become dry in the smoking process. New Bothwell cheese generously incorporated into the jalapeno cheddar peps.

The percentage of nitrates is very low, thus a fresh product & a lends to a healthy choice for meal an snacks.

As always, each package is weighed individually to ensure you are receiving exactly what you paying for.

Limited quantities & subject to availability Pre-orders appreciated.

All cuts dry aged 21 days.

Beef Shares - 1/4, 1/2, wholes are available. Contact us directly for availability, info & pricing.

Please select your options of cuts and we will contact you with your order details and price.

Ground Beef Options
Approx 2lb pkg. Minimum 6 doz.
Beef Pattie Options
Steak Cut Options
Roast Options
Other Cuts
A sampling of cuts in one convenient pack & price. Pack ranges from $265-$285.
4 premium steaks. 6 Bar Z burgers. 1 pkg cheese smokies. OUT OF STOCK
2 roast, 5lbs stewing beef, ground beef. Pack ranges from $165-$185. OUT OF STOCK
4 premium steaks, a dozen burgers, garlic sausage, farmers sausage, 1 pkg of reg smokies & 1 pkg of cheese smokies. OUT OF STOCK
Sausages & Pepperettes